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The Man Gboye Adegbenro

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Gboye is undoubtedly an exceptionally cerebral individual who has attained career heights that are far above his years on the earth planet basically through the dint of hardworking, discipline and commitment. He is undeniably a man that is helped by God and whose legendary brilliance has open doors for him. The milk of kindness that flows in the veins of Engr Gboye and the fact of his realization of the need to give back to the very society that made him, notwithstanding his aristocratic background have constantly reinforced the commitment of Engr. Gboye Adegbenro  to lending hand of help to all strata of the economically vulnerable in the State especially while serving as commissioner in the ministry of Works  .This silent philanthropist has made it a point of duty in the last fifteen  years albeit silently to give unfailing financial support to
indigent students, churches,orphanages and the  mendicant. Gboye  has in the last few years been selflessly serving humanity by giving hope to the hopeless, restoring smiles to sad faces and restoring sound health to the sick through his resources
The heroic image and enviable attachment of this amiable gentleman was built in parts by his own inclination towards self-sustenance in life and the wonderful hands of God in his chosen endeavours. From the very beginning of his life, he seems to have adopted a lifestyle that contributed in no small measures to his greatness.
To talk of an Engineer  Icon who has made  Ondo State as a whole proud within and outside the State, in his chosen profession , morally and in discipline manner that has portrayed the good image of Ondo State in and outside the country  is no other person than, Gboye Adegbenro
His successful life is a practical lesson to any individual [particularly the young ones] aspiring to make it to the top even from a humble background.  A man who through a dinct of hard work, perseverance has been able to stake his name in the firfirment of Nigeria nation as a Man of towering character and an accomplished individual. . He is a perfect product of dedication to duty and commitment to excellence, the twin-trait that catapulted him to his present height and his continuous belief  to render service to his people. He has worked his way to the top through personal commitments  and efforts geared towards achieving greatness.
Excellence is doing ordinary things in an  extraordinary way despite the challenges on his  way.
ENGR. GBOYE ADEGBENRO FNSE .was born  on 19th October, 1970 at Ilara – Mokin in Ifedore Local Government Area of Ondo State  to a family of Chief ADEGBENRO  and Chief Mrs Adegbenro  where children were raised on a routine diet of discipline and hard work. A seasoned Engineer , a self made personality who through the dint  of hard work,  perseverance, uncommon determination to succeed and commitment to excellence rose from a humble beginning to  bestride  the Nigerian firmament like a colossus.
conscious of his humble background, coupled with his strong determination to have a breakthrough ,for he knew quite well that he needed to overcome many challenges on his way to the top, he decided to equip himself with a strong Education background and higher education with which he has being piloting the affairs of his life.
Gboye  started his  primary Education at   St. Michael Anglican Primary School, Ilara – Mokin in 1976 and obtained his First School Leaving Certificate in July, 1982. He later  went for his Secondary School education . Between 1983 and 1988, he was at Mokin Comprehensive High School, Ilara – Mokin for West African School Certificate.
Engr Gboye  gained admission to  the then Ondo State University (now Ekiti State University) Ado Ekiti in 1991 and was awarded a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering in 1997.
After the graduation,  Engr. Adegbenro proceeded to have his  Master’s Degree  in Project Management from Federal University of Technology, Akure.
He did the compulsory National Youth Service as an Engineer in Eket local government in Akwa – Ibom State between 1997 and 1998.
Inspite of the numerous inherent virtues that could be attributed to his success in life, the man is humble  enough to ascribe his success story to a divine intervention from God, who in his infinite mercy prevailed upon his situation and lifted him from shackled of poverty.
He deployed his reputed traits of hard work and dedication to duty in undertaking his assigned duties and this quickly endered him to everybody including his numerous friends and relations .
Through his commitment to the virtue of his brainlancy , he became the toast of his colleagues because of his excellent relationship with the people and other acquaintances he met in his field of profession or calling . Vintage Gboye was at his best in discharging his duties to the admiration of everybody around him.
He brought to bear as a Civil Engineer,  his warn disposition and robust inter personal skills and these much were attested to by his mates and his colleagues. His enviable height using persuasive and humility approach to his people gave him professional  service success and earned him the respect and adoration of the people. The boy started working immediately after his NYSC in a Consulting Firm as an Engineer and Project Manager. He was also working  as a Site Engineer in January, 1999 with Unity Planning Associates and moved later to Glamour Consults Ltd, Ibadan where he practiced till September, 2000 where he became a Principal Partner at Royal Diadem Consults Ltd.
Also,  Between August 2003 and July 2005, he was the Project Manager of ARCOM (Nig) Ltd. In September, 2005, he became the Founder and Principal Partner of AGE Consults Ltd. where he was practicing until April 2009 when he was appointed as a Senior Special Assistant on Infrastructure to the Governor of Ondo State.
Engr. Adegbenro  discharged his duties with a record of excellent performance and overtly exuded his known trait of hard work and integrity which endeared him to many people and this the Governor saw an elevated him  to the position of Special Adviser to the Governor on Infrastructure  in January 2010, a position he held until his appointment, first as Acting Commissioner for Works and subsequently the substantive Commissioner for Works in September, 2010 till that Council was dissolved.
When the Council was re-constituted in 2011, Engr. Adegbenro was re-appointed and remained in office till the end of the first term of Mr. Governor.
His tenure as Commissioner for Works is associated with the conception and construction works.
As a successful  Engineer , he has handled several jobs . He does not see politics as a means to an end but rather an opportunity to contribute his own quota towards the development of his community and the state on a larger scale and this attitude has continued to define his political life and activities. This approach to politics made many conventional politicians to wonder if he is actually cut in for the kind of politics in Nigeria. But God choose him to help his people and he glaringly hearken to Gods clarion call.He has served in several capacities as an astute Engineer  including  construction and completion of some Township Roads as well as Asphalt overlay of many surfaced dressed Roads inherited from the previous Government in the State. The Roads include: re-construction of Owo Township Road, Ondo Township Road, Arakale Road, Akure and Igbokoda Township Roads to dual carriageways and Rehabilitation of Irele Township, Supare Township Road, Ikare-Ajowa, Ikare-ugbe-Iboropa-Ise, Ajagba-Iyasan Roads respectively. Of significance is the Oba-Adesida-Oyemekun-Ilesha Road, Akure which was upgraded to an international standard with modern road furniture.
He’s a member of the Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN), member, Association of Consulting Engineer of Nigeria and a Charted Engineer. Adegbenro had earlier bagged Fellowship of The Nigerian Institution of Civil Engineer (FNICE) and Fellow of the Certified Institute of Management. By the special grace of God, Engr. Adegbenro, today, is a Fellow of the Nigerian Society of Engineers (FNSE), the pinnacle of Engineering professions in the country.
He, Gboye , reasoned that if politics and public offices  is actually to serve the people they are representing,  then; the attitude of do-or-die deployed by the politicians to achieve political gains has no place or basis in our polity ,hence his refined conduct and practice!
Having travelled far and wide with exposure on how politics is played in other climes, he can not but have a different orientation and approach to politics.
At the turn of his consultation, he  manifested his sympathy for the labour Party where he served for 8 years as commissioner and SA under Governor Olusegun Mimiko  , the party which his love and acceptance is well spread amongst the party members While maintaining seeming neutrality with his interactions with the people across board.
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In the Second term of Governor Mimiko, Engr. Gboye Adegbenro was re-appointed as the Commissioner for Works, the position he still holds till February 24th 2017. By this appointment, Gboye remains the first in Ondo State to be in that capacity as the Commissioner for Works for a period of 6 years and 6 months since the State was created in 1976.

He came to politics with a culture of dignity and passion for service which easily will distinguish him from the pool. With his antecedents, it is not easily predictable that he will one day offer himself for service to the people which he has being doing in the past and he is ready to do even more than before if given the opportunity serve in a larger capacity.
It is heart-rending to see a man as Engr Gboye Adegbenro believing that God is the sole reason for his  success in life and giving glory to God for his mercies on him and his personal accomplishments. His belief in the Almighty God is significant and awesome. This has been the reason why he wholly committed his ways and works unto the lord because he believes that nothing is received by man except sanctioned from the above by God himself.
He believes the biblical injunction that “except the lord build the house, in vain that built it” hence his resolve to totally surrender himself to the God who prospers him. This is to buttress to his common appreciation to God whenever his is talking about his achievement in one of his Interview that “To God be the Glory”
He believe that politics/election should not based only  on GodfatherlisIm hence election should be free and fear and voting for the candidate of ones self in respective of money the other party may have . He said in his interview that “politics has gotten to a level where money talks, is money that is doing everything, the people are not allowed to vote who they want because of Godfatherism,  imposition and then  if you have money, you will win”.
Naturally, what is important in legislative  work is policy  formulation while the executive execute it and judiciary adjudicate . But we all know that it goes beyond that, re reasoned!  His passion is how he can affect the average man
In a society that is in need of determined leadership and veritable role models, Engr Gboye Adegbenro has continued to shine like a priceless diamond and symbolizes the best human product that could be exported to the outside world. He has been quite purposeful, dynamic and has been creating a high-performance culture that revolves around managing people for the sole aim of achieving results.
A successful legal Icon, he rose from a humble beginning to the pinnacle of a highly rewarding business ventures owing to his purposeful leadership that has been widely acknowledged. His record of solid professional competence and managerial excellence is a lesson to all youth desirous of making it to the top.
Engr. Gboye Adegbenro has a great passion for excellence and would respect you regardless of your age if you are good at what you do but would have nothing to do with mediocres and those that can not generate ideas. He could spot talents from afar and nurture them to maturity. This quality is evident in the number of people he had mentored or helped in one way or the other to be gainfully employed and offered  means of livelihood.
He is a leader that always set performance standard and knows how to get the best from his subordinates. One of his legendary hallmarks as a leader is  his well-known disposition of empowering his subordinates by giving them the latitude of doing things professionally on their own unless they abuse such privileges. He always afford the people the freedom to exercise their best professional judgment on the job and accord you due respect if you are good regardless of your age and position.
A man imbued with a barometer for gauging the mood of his people, this much he had manifested in his Engineering  practice ,  and community building  and he is poised to make a difference through inspiring, efficient and effective leadership. He had over the years built a culture of excellence that has manifestly developed the spirit of any organization he finds himself leading. The man is a visionary leader per excellence who manifests a creative and result oriented leadership desirous of optimizing maximally from any situation. While not portraying him as a perfect or infallible being, his professional track records, administrative expertise, solid personal attainments and his infectious affable character, no doubt, symbolizes the best elements of leadership.
An achiever per excellence, he has attended various seminars and workshop within and outside the shores of the country and as well made presentations in different fora such as:-
1. Engineers in politics and challenges of development delivered at the 2014 engineering assembly of the Nigerian society of Engineers (Akure branch).
2. Development of sustainable power and communication infrastructure delivered at the international conference and exhibition on power and telecommunication (ICEPT).
Adegbenro was also nominated to serve in various committees, notable among them are: Investigation and Disciplinary Committee, Nigerian Society of Engineers, June 2010 – 2012, Member, Ondo State Contract Assessment Committee, February 2009 – September 2009; Member, Ondo State Technical Committee on Olokola Project, May 2009 – February 2013, Member, Ondo State Committee to Regenerate / Redesign Contract, May 2009 – July 2011, Member, Ondo State Committee on Joint Measurement of Road Contracts, June 2009 – July 2011; Member, Committee on In-built of Local Contents, 2010 – July 2011; Member, Committee on Deep Seaport in Ondo State, 2010 – July 2011, Member, Committee on Traffic  Congestion in Akure Metropolis, 2010 – July 2011; Chairman, (Building Committee) Redeemed Christian Church of God, Praise Parish, Akure, January 2012 – Date; Chairman (Welfare Committee) Redeemed Christian Church of God, Praise Parish, Akure, January  2013 – Date; Member, (Building / Dedication Committee) Redeemed Christian Church of God, Provincial Headquarter, Akure, January 2013 – 2014; Chairman, Committee on Inquiry on Collapse Building; Member, (State Tenders Board), Member, Caring Heart Sports Federation, February 2013 – date and Chairman MISTON 2013; Captain of No. 1 Golf Course in Nigeria, Smokin’ Hills Golf Course and Resorts.
He was ever willing to give his best in the discharge of his duties to his people and this accounted for the love,acceptability and admiration advanced to him in the community.
Based on his remarkable performance and contribution to his profession, he has won quite a number of awards, notable among which is the Presidential Awards for outstanding Contribution to Civil Engineering Practice in Nigeria by Nigerian Institution of Civil Engineers, 2010; Role Model Award by National Association of  Nigeria Students (NANS), 2010, Nigeria’s Top 50 Professionals Awards of Excellence by THIS DAY Newspaper 2011; 50 Nigerians with Integrity by Guardian Publishing, 2011; Excellence Awards in Urban Renewal and Government Projects Management by Federal University of Technology Akure; Best Commissioner for Infrastructure in the South – West by House of Representative, Committee on Inter-governmental Affairs, Best Commissioner for Works in Nigeria by Federal Information Chapel, Abuja (Nigeria Union of Journalist), among several others.
He is currently the captain of the SMOKIN’ GOLF COURSE of Ilara mokin
He is married to Mrs Omotola  Gboye Adegbenro  and bless with wonder Children that are delights of God .
The iconoclast called ‘Gboye’ is a devout Christian, a Humanitarian, Philanthropist and a lover of Golf. He is happily married to amiable Omotola with wonderful children.

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  1. This is awesome for having such a dedicated philantropist n a man of his words from our dear state,may God in his infinite mercy continue to uphold u n ur entire fmly,strengthen u more to continue with d good work u v started.

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