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Ondo2020: Pains And Poverty In The Land Has Caught Up With Us – Olafeso

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Ondo2020: Pains And Poverty In The Land Has Caught Up With Us – Olafeso

Dr. Eddy Olafeso, a gubernatorial aspirant in Ondo State and the National Vice Chairman (South West) of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has declared that he is committed to ensuring the party remains strong and efficient to deliver Ondo State from the shackles of poverty and pains. Olafeso spoke at Ondo West Local Government as he continues his statewide tour of meeting delegates and leaders of tbe party in preparation for the July 22 primary of the PDP.

“It’s been a long walk for all of us. The pains and poverty in the nation has caught up with us. Last month, they paid just 50 percent of teachers salaries and they may not even be able to do that in the coming months. Powering a government requires competent and capacitors people and we are competent enough to transform our state into a cynosure of eyes.” Olafeso said.

While eulogizing PDP delegates and faithfuls to stay united and true to the cause of taking over the reigns of the State, Olafeso said “it is only an efficient party that can produce an efficient government. I served as the state secretary of the party and in many other committees. I will strive to make the party stronger. We will not neglect our leaders and party members after we become governor.”

Admonishing PDP delegates to be wary of some whom they vote, Olafeso urged them to ask questions about the character and capability of the aspirants. “Those whom we elect on our platforms disappear into thin wind after getting to office and will only come back to us when they need us again. We are solely responsible as we’ve not been asking questions. We should ask them where they were and why should they be trusted again. I have been in the party since day one and I’ve never contemplated decamping and still won’t irrespective of the outcome of the primary. The party is more important than my personal ambition. Our unity is very critical and vital. We must all work together for the betterment of our state and party.” he said.

While relaying his plans for Ondo town, Olafeso, a former students’ union president of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ife said he will do all he can to make sure that the conversion of Adeyemi College of Education to a university is effected in his early days in office. “The transformation of ACE to a full fledge University is long overdue and I’ve spoken to key stakeholders in the system on how we can implement the conversion. There is need for an overhead bridge at the front of the gate of the school to put and end to the avoidable death of students while crossing that ever busy road.”

Endorsing Olafeso, elderstatesman Chief Segun Adegoke said “Eddy Olafeso is the most competent, capable and equiped for governor amongst all the aspirants. I have given my orders that those who really want the party to flourish should support him. He is a thoroughbred PDP loyalist and we must encourage loyalty within the party.”

Meanwhile, Olafeso also met delegates and leaders of the PDP in Ondo East LG where he also reeled out his plans for the state and the party. “Our local government system have been incapacitated. Our schools are dead. Our commonwealth is being butchered and shared between their very minute loyalists, family and in-laws. We must pick the best around us to get the best of out of us all. Don’t be deceived by lies and deceit being peddled around. We are resolute in ensuring a better life for us all.” he said

Former LG Chairman of Ondo East, Hon. Charles Adeduro also assured Dr. Olafeso of his unflinching support to the ambition and quest to make Ondo great again.


Olorogun Eddy Eniola Olafeso will later today continue on his tour.

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