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It was a totally improbable circumstance that this great iAmazon, Dr Mrs Mairo Tanko Almakura could ever be tracked down for a one on one discuss, but in the interest of this spectacular publication. Not that the technocrat and business grand master, an Administrator to the core and a philanthropist is media-shy but because of the epic demands of time on her on account of her ever-busy and very tight schedules in respect of the tedious and scattered engagements all around the country and beyond. It is an unusual demand now that the country is facing some economic challenges.
Dr Mrs Mairo Tanko Almakura is not leaving anything to chance. Her days are numbly busy; attending to issues in her private job as a human resources Manager and as a Wife of National Leader and a Politician , also her other community engagement as a woman with interest for community development. , However, after a tiresome day on Sunday, 24th July 2020, the Hero Magazine Publisher, Dr. Akinbola, was able to track her down around 7Pm and was able to exude words from her


Dr.Akinbiola Sunday , Editor in Chief and the Publisher of Hero Magazine Intl. , Organizer of Nigeria Outstanding Leadership Awards, speaks with her Excellency, Dr Mrs Mairo Tanko Almakura on important issues.

Courageous, Honest, Humble, smart, Tenacious, Loyal and Beautiful. These are a few of the numerous adjectives that friends and admirers are using to describe this noble personality. She remains a perfect fusion of ageless beauty and profound brains who radiate inward and outward beauty and is unarguably an epitome of modesty. A diamond vessel of honour, her commitment to humanitarianism is quite legendary .
A rare Amazon, she has used her talents and public – spirited endowment to make a difference anywhere she operated. She is a very determined person, who has a dream and mission and through her diverse contributions to humanity, has become a leading light amongst women of her generation and creed.
She was born in Kano in the early sixties to illustrious family of Alh Mamman Musa and Hajiya Moinna with her solid background, she was privileged to be a beneficiary of one of the finest quality of education that could be offered a child. This rare opportunity was maximized by this amiable woman of worthy character. She started her elementary schooling at St Therasa’s primary school in Jos, Plateau State rand proceeded to Women Teacher’s College for her A level certificate. Having passed with flying colors, she went to the University of Jos where she studied Banking and finance and had a National Diploma Certificate. It is remarkable that throughout her High school days, and as a Diploma student, she manifested not only academic brilliance but also a quantum of leadership traits that endeared her to her school mates and Teachers alike.
These attributes she took along and enrolled at the same University of Jos for her degree programme and studied Management She graduated and had Bachelor degree in Management after which she also bagged her masters degree in Business Administration MBA at the Nassarawa state University . Her outstanding performance in the University again gave credence to the fact that she combined her ravishing beauty with brain in winning the hearts of many admirers.
Due to her love for quality education, she also enrolled for herself again to pursue her Doctor of philosophy and bagged the PhD in Business Administration. She started working with a Company known as Ta’ AL Nigeria limited and rose through ranks and file to the Position of the General Manager of the Company.
Her sojourn through life pointed to a woman who is genuinely desired to serve the people in whatever capacity she found herself. It was therefore not strange to the people why she’s doing well with her husband who is a Politician in a complimentary support.

Dr Mairo Tanko Almakura is the Founder of Tallafi women and Youth Foundation, a non governmental Organization that caters for the less privileges.
She manifested a great deal of astuteness in discharging her duties and her record of performance within the years her husband was an Executive Governor was a testimony to her academic qualifications.
Her exemplary performance as a public officer easily stands her out as one rare gem who has beautifully combined academic brilliance with towering success in public sphere. She manifested her managerial competence coupled with effective and efficient service delivery leaving in her trial a legacy of positive contributions. She is a staunch believer in excellence and has been painstakingly pursuing it to the admiration of everybody around her.
She is reputed to be a pillar of support for various Youth organizations and actively supported widows and the less-privileged in the society. Her dedication to duty and service to man kind had earned her a lot of praises and commendation leading to several awards and honours bestowed on her. She has also been Nominated by Nigerian Female role model award platform as a Role model of the year.
This amiable woman is married to the former Governor of Nasarawa state and now a Distinguished Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

She engages in sporting activities which keeps her body fit and also love to read, dance, explore and meet diverse people.

In this interview, she spoke about her self, family and other national issues.

Can we meet you Ma?

My name is Dr. Mairo Tanko Almakura, I was born in Kano.

Can you talk briefly about your growing up?
I grew up in jos pleateu state.
Coming from a family of (10) five boys and five girls, I’m at the 8th position.

I attended St Theresa’s girls Catholic primary school Jos , WTC KANO, I schooled in the University of Jos where got diploma in Banking and finance,and proceeded for my degree program. I studied Management
while I also attended Nassarwa State University for (MBA)Master’s degree PROGRAM. Also bagged PhD. For the same school Nassarawa State University.

Talk briefly about yourself , your marriage, what are the challenges so far?
Got married to Dr, Umaru Tanko Almakura, former Governor of Nassarwa state and currently a senator representing nasarawa south 25 years ago.

I’m Blessed with 3 kids, and also hold various traditional titles and recognition from reputable Organizations, both Local and International .

Presently, the Special Assistant to President on Africa First Lady Peace Mission and also a Member , Institute for Business Diplomacy and Financial Management .

Nigeria as a Nation , how would you in your own assessment describe Nigeria over the years ,specifically in terms of development and cultural values?

Nigeria in terms of development in doing quite well, we are on track and in terms of cultural value, alot of intrusion has been allowed by external culture penetrating our own culture”
E.g dressing,food communications etc. All by foreign culture, including religion sentiment this has overtake alot of things . though, we can still make amendments.

Your exploits so far as a woman of substance ?
I have an NGO established in 2011, inorder to support my husband .my NGO caters for youth, women,health and infastructure and education.
Because it’s my passion.

Please speak on Nigerian yesterday and today interns of women emancipation?

However , women emancipation, since the Beijing declaration, much has not been done at emancipating women.

So, what Do You Think Is The Way Forward ?

I Will like to plead to the men to avoid gender discrimination and overlook culture inferiority for women and to give a space within thier space to allow women to participate fully in both elective and appointed positions.
They should see us as partners working for the good of all.

After appealing to the men, the women should also come together to be able to form unity, towards a better livelihood in our community and Nigeria.

You seems a very busy Woman, how do you relax ?
I love cooking, to give(share) and to see people happy and spending time with my husband is what I enjoy most and is the best way that we both relax.
Traveling is another way that my husband and I relax.

What is your philosophy?
As my philosophy is to be humble, and go for what I believe in with all seriousness to a logical conclusion.

As an inspiration to the younger generation and the coming generation,what is your advice to the Youth?

Will also implore the young generation to be patient in everything they do, don’t rush for quick money and many more ,and be humble to form partnership to make success, be law abiding and take all that they do serious..

These will go along way in developing and making the country Better.

Thank you.



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