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An Open Letter to all the Distinguished Leaders and Members of Our Great Eksu Alumni Association Expressing my Intention to contest to be the next National President of our great Association.

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An Open Letter to all the Distinguished Leaders and Members of Our Great Eksu Alumni Association Expressing my Intention to contest to be the next National President of our great Association.

Let me once again welcome you all to the new year 2021. We bless the name of the Lord for seeing us through year 2020 which is on record as one of the most challenging year in the history of humanity.

I’m your Brother, Friend, Associate and Compatriot, SEGUN ODIDI is my name, the Incumbent National Secretary of Our Great Alumni Association, I’m a PR/ Media consultant, I do a bit of Politics and also a lawyer in Equity. A Dutiful husband and a loving Father. A proud product of Eksu belonging to 1999 set.

Sometimes ago, I wrote personally to some of our leaders intimating them of my intention to vie for the position of the National President in the Forthcoming Convention of our Association, in the same vein, few weeks ago, I wrote to all the Chairmen of all our existing Chapters and other Stakeholders notifying them of the same aspiration.

At this juncture, after the lift of ban on campaign, its imperative for me to formally write to declare my aspiration openly to all the stakeholders. I OLUSEGUN ABIODUN ODIDI hereby offer myself for service to be the next NATIONAL PRESIDENT of our Alumni Association.

Permit me to use this medium to say that I have been involved in the activities of the Alumni Association for many years and I have contributed my quota directly and indirectly towards the Growth of the Association and the University at large.
The records are there hence I may not go into specifics for the risk of being immodest, but I can say emphatically that God has used me alongside others to take our Association where it is today, we can only hope it gets better. To God I return all Glory.

My Agenda!!

Its important to reel out items on my agenda if given the mandate and opportunity to serve as the National President so that the good work can continue as it has been exemplified by the incumbent President and others.

1. Transparency, Accountability and Probity will be the hall mark of the administration under my watch. I was part of the committee that puts together the Financial regulations guidelines under Asiwaju oludotun Adetunberu, with all sense of responsibility I will stick to the guidelines and from time to time, the operation of the Association shall be made known to members.

2. Alumni Village-Apart from being part of the administration under our dynamic result oriented leader, Dr Adetunberu who brought the Alumni village Project to existence, I’m also a stickler to obey the constitutional Provisions of the Association. According to Article 18 of the Alumni Association Constitution 2019 as amended, I will keep to this provisions with all seriousness it deserves and the Alumni village project will be the most integral part of my Agenda.

3. The proposed new Alumni Secretariat in which I’m a member of the Committee will receive a boost and with God on our side we shall do our bit in making it a reality.

4. Scholarship to indigent students of the University which was started under the man I always refers to as Architect of modern Eksu Alumni, Prof M.A.Ayeni and sustained by Dr Adetunberu’s administration shall continue. Infact, with the intention of increasing the numbers of beneficiaries.

5. Alumni ICT center .. All efforts will be put in place to ensure that the center operates optimally.

6. The Endowment fund initiative will continue and it will be improved upon as we shall generate more funds. By launching an Endowment Trust Fund link in the website of the Association and we shall make the website more effective and operational.

7. We shall strengthen all the existing chapters of the Association and creates more to give our members sense of belonging.

8. We shall partner with the Visitor to the University and all other critical stakeholders and the management of the University at all times to make our Alma Mater the First among her Contemporaries.

9. The Eminent persons group ( EPG) will not only continue to exist but we shall vigorously work with them to develop the University, so also the activities of the Harmonisation and Integration committee shall always receive our attention ( may the soul of our late leader, Barr Kole Ajayi continue to rest in peace).This is your baby, Asiwaju nurtured it to growth after your demise with support from Steve Akadiri and all of us at NEC. I will not deviate from this ideal.

10. We shall increase the level of synergy with the Body of Alumni Professors, we shall continue to tap into their wealth of experience to promote the Association and the University.

11. Deliberate propagating the image of the University and the Association in all the mass media will have our attention as we shall involved our members who are Professionals in this field to assist in all ways.

12. We shall continue to identify with our members in all walk of life, we shall put in our very best to reduce to the barest minimum complaint arising from delay in the issuance of Certificates and Transcripts to Members. Although the University have improved tremendously in this regards. Thanks to the contributions of the Alumni Association, we shall continue to do more.
Nomination of members for honour by the University and the Association shall continue so that our members can all have a sense of belonging and in result give back to the university that made them.

The above and many more will form my agenda, as we continue in this journey I shall continue to state the rest. I believe with your support and prayers, nothing is difficult for God to achieve.


Let me use this opportunity to thank once again, God Almighty for the privilege given to us to be part of those that are living today, may His mercy continue to be with us.

Let me thank the Present and the past National Presidents of our Association, you have at one time or the other contributed your quotas towards the development of our Association and the University, history will be kind to you all, pls give me the opportunity to put my feet inside the shoes you left behind, I promise I will not disappoint you.

I thank the BOT members under the leadership of our foremost leader, Mr Olawale Jegede, your roles cannot be quantified.

I thank my colleagues at NEC, we have done it before, Together we can still do it again.

To all the State Chairmen, you guys are wonderful, I will continue to partner with you if given the opportunity.

To all our leaders at EPG under an astute administrator, Dr Israel Ovirih, with you all, the administration under my watch will MOVE MOUNTAIN and history will have us on its positive side.

To all members of the Association within and in the diaspora, I thank you for the unflinching support given to the achiever called Asiwaju Oludotun Adetunberu, we are in the boat together, as he sails beautifully towards the shore with glory, I crave for your support too, give me your mandate and support towards my aspiration to be the next President of our Great Association, my words are my bounds. I promise not to let you down.

Thanks and God bless you all.

Sincerely yours

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