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If leadership is gauged by performance evaluation, practice and examples and also by results achieved by such leaders, then it can be conveniently said that this highly resourceful man represent the best element of leadership and managerial excellence. Hes is one person who knows how to carry the grandeur of any office he occupies and has a clear understanding of his vision and is ready to sacrifice everything to achieve his goal.
A unique gem of immeasurable value, Prince Foluso Adefemi had from childhood manifested a rare passion of impacting positively on the lives of the people around him and this must have played a part in his choice of career as agent of change and in celebrating good virtues . Towards achieving his set vision and goals, he empowerered himself with sound education with which to combat future challenges in his chosen Endeavour.
Prince Foluso Adefemi was born in the 60’s to the disciplinary families of Adefemi and Wuraola Peters in Afin Akoko in Akoko area of ondo state.

It is not surprising that he became an instant success in the private service having undergone an intensive training and tutelage, he studied hard to become a business consultant.
Prince Foluso Adefemi is an accomplished industrious Leader, a professional Administrator, sports Analyst and business consultant. .

As a community change Agent in Youth modelling and mentoring.
His exemplary passion for service and celebrating excellence informed his decision to to start a firm which gave birth to his unique outfit.

His unique management style had helped him to develop strategies for wealth creation and also coordinate and supervise the implementation of wealth creation programmes around the country in his chosen fields. . Not the lousy type, he allowed his works and several initiatives to speak for him and his impact is felt in all sphere and events and by all strata’s of the society. He had helped to rebrand and re-package human related programmes as veritable tool towards solving the problem of unemployment in the state through employment of jobless people..

Foluso Adeſemi started his very early education at Afin Akoko in Ondo State. He started his primary
school education at Si Lukes Primary School Afin Akoko but was interrupted because he had to be
moved to Lagos at the age of 7 to join his uncle.
While in Lagos young Foluso stayed with his Uncle Amos Ogboloro and attended SU Jude’s Primary School at Freeman Street, Ebute Meta, Lagos between 1975-1981. In order to make ends meet, during
the weekends and holidays Foluso would join big Uncle who was a building contractor at sites to help giving cement for his other workers for constructions. He was a determined and very hardworking child
Due to his love for formal education, He proceeded from St. Jude’s Primary School to Nigerian People’s High School on the popular Kano
Street in Ebute Metta, Lagos. He joined the school in the year 1981 and was there for a few years
before relocating to Ondo State, Akoko to be precise. He was then enrolled at Igas/Eriti Grammar
school to finish his secondary education and graduated in the year 1986. While in Akoko during the period after his graduation he was helping his Mother to bring bags of Garri to Lagos and discharging them at Ebute-ero in Lagos then Foluso had to go out in-search of other jobs to feed himself and also save for raining days.
Foluso later secured a job in Lagos with MI Plast Nig Ltd then later moved from there to join Sosa last,
one of the leading plastic making companies in Africa at that time. He was regarded as one of the best black Technicians in the company. Due to his passion for making a change. Foluso championed the course to set up a Staff Union which was not in existence in the company. He believed the over 900 Nigerians workers in the company deserved better than they were getting.
With the help of The Nigerian Labor Congress in the zone, he achieved that goal, though it caused
him to be sacked without any compensation,
Things got so rough for Foluso at the time as it got difficult to secure another job. He later had to take
up a security job at National Dook Labor Board and worked for 5 years without pay He kept moving on,
undeterred, it was at that point he realized he had to do something for himself. He later had an idea to start garbage from vessel, moving from ship to ship until that idea started fetching him good money and then he set up his first conipany called Citi Multinational Ltd in the year 2001.

Foluso also set up Union Maritime Agency Lid in 2002 which currently has footprints in six African countries and still spreading. Foluso Adefemi has grown to become a successful business man heading blue chip
Foluso has always been passionate about a better Nigeria. He is a strong member of the Anti -Bribery
Corruption and Crime Council of Nigeria founded by Chief Nnamdi Azikiwe and sx (6) other eminent
Nigerians in 1960. In 1990 the Anti-Bribery Corruption and Crime Council of Nigeria was changed to
National Anti-Corruption Organization of Federal Republic of Nigeria in 2001 he was then appointed the chairman of the Lagos State command by Prince Kola Adeyemi and took up that position years. He rose from the rank of Assistant Investigator (an equivalent of Inspector of Police) to Principal Investigator (equivalent of Commissioner of Police) within the organization. He later
Created Slobal Anti-corruption initiatives of which he currently acts as the Director General
Foluso is a lover of sports & this earned him election as the chairman of the Lagos Slate Gymnastics Association. He was later elected the President of the Gymnastic Federation of Nigeria and he’s currently on his 7th year running in that position. He is equally Member, Nigerian Olympic
Committee, Committee Member Gym for All in Africa. He contested for the post of Vice President
Central Africa of the African Gymnastics Union and he is also a committee member of Olympiatrics
in charge of Amuwo Odofin stadium.
He is a philanthropist who gives freely to the poor. This passion is to ensure that every child he comes
across has basic education till University level and always finds a way to impact the lives of both young and Old in all possible ways.
Foluso Adefemi has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Guardian and Counseling of Lagos State
He is happily married and blessed with with five children who are delights of God.

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