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History is replete with people who faced with odds in order to offer outstanding services and producing quality service delivery that have improved their respective societies and re-write its history for better. Their abilities to soar high where angels fear to tread qualify them as distinguished achievers.

Like a volcanic eruption, they made things happen with a great daring not minding the obstacles impeding their quest to state claim to greatness even from humble beginning..

The multi-faceted nature of this dynamic Achiever has made his life an interesting and spring success story, he deployed all his God-given endowments and virtues to lift the society thereby bringing smiles to the faces of many people he meets in the course of his life’s journey – he is one rare specie who had worked his way out of obscurity through personal commitments and efforts geared towards achieving greatness.

He’s a Man with a heart of gold. Always ready to serve and change situations for the best

Soji Ehinlanwo was born on the 31st of May 1965 and is a highly skilled Information technology and Management Consultant with over twenty-three years’ experience in the technical and management components of Information technology deployment and provision of management expertise in the public and private sector. Soji possesses considerable experience of providing leadership in the delivery of a wide variety of IT and management change initiatives across Europe and America, including in some of the most reputable and well known global organisations such as the UK National Health service (NHS), Electronic Data Systems (EDS) – now part of Hewlett Packard (HP) – UK, Cap Gemini UK, Atos origin Belgium , Monster technologies UK, Western Union International Bank GMBH, Carillion Energy Services Limited – UK, The European Commission -Luxembourg, UK Department of Work and Pensions and Tesco PLC. Soji has led in bringing about significant process and IT changes – including delivering leading edge technology changes – in many well-known and leading global organizations. Specific areas of expertise include Data migration, business reporting infrastructure, enterprise data warehouse deployment and management, re-engineering of organisational business and management processes as well as Team Leadership. With a background comprising very deep public and private sector change experience acquired globally and a reputable postgraduate management qualification, he is very well suited to leading organisational change initiatives
Apart from a strong information technology and Management background which has included providing thought leadership on ICT development, Soji Ehinlanwo has also provided leadership in other non-ICT related areas
Soji Ehinlanwo has been an active participant in the politics of Nigeria culminating in his nomination as the Governorship Candidate of the defunct Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) – (One of the three parties that merged to form the APC) in the Ondo state 2012 election. He challenged the results of that election at the Tribunal and Court of Appeal. Soji also led the Ondo state CPC in the Ondo APC merger crystallization. He is currently the Ondo State Leader of the Change Vanguard – a collection of influential people from the old legacy parties that fused to become APC. Prince Soji Ehinlanwo helped to rally several Ondo state indigenes – providing leadership – in helping to ensure re-endorsement by the People for the Government led by incumbent Governor Rotimi Akeredolu

Soji Ehinlanwo has also been very active and played key leadership roles in galvanizing support for his Alma-mater – The Ekiti State University – over a considerable number of years culminating in a key recognition award by the Alumni body of his University – The Eminent Persons Award – and his induction, along with others, into the Alumni Hall of Fame. This was in recognition of his professional accomplishments and his contributions in supporting the Alumni and the University. Prior to this Soji Ehinlanwo had also received recognition award from – The OSUA Connection (a collection of legacy Alumni students) for his professional accomplishments and for his role in promoting the cause of the Alumni and the University. For example, Soji Ehinlanwo has been a key actor in bringing harmony to the UK chapter of the University Alumni and is helping to put it in a position where it could be a source of strong support to the University. He has also been pivotal in helping to map the way to achievement for the University of the vision of a Community FM Radio Station. Soji Ehinlanwo has recently been made by his peers the Chairman of the EKSU Alumni Endowment Trustee Board – a role in which he is helping to galvanize along with other Alumni members one of the most ambitious financial drive and support initiative for his beloved University – the Ekiti state University – an initiative that aim to raise one billion naira to support the University’s research, Learning, innovation, physical development and other infrastructure initiatives. He remains passionate about the University’s growth and deeply committed to supporting it


Prince Soji Ehinlanwo had his Primary Education at Ladilak Primary School (1970-1976) and Secondary Education at the Lagos State Government College Ojo (1976-1981). He studied for his Graduate degree at the then Ondo state University, Ado-Ekiti – Now Ekiti State University (1983-1988) where he was awarded the Bachelor of Arts Degree in English language – BA (Hons). In 2000 he enrolled at the University of East London, UK where he obtained a Masters Degree in Business Administration – MBA (2000-2002). In addition to his academic qualifications, he also has a range of professional certification across several areas in leading edge information technology deployment

Career Summary

Prince Soji Ehinlanwo’s Professional career spans about twenty-seven years. In 1993, he mobilised residents of Majidun community and its environs in Lagos to establish the Majidun Community Bank and was its Executive Director from 1993 -1995. In 1996, he left for the United Kingdom to enhance his professional and academic background. From 1997- 2000, he worked as Team Leader for a medium scale UK Consultancy. In Nov 2000, he was appointed as a Senior Manager at the Westminster Primary Care Trust (The UK National Health Service) where he worked till Sept 2001. From Sept 2001 – July 2006, he worked as Consultant for both the Electronic Data System Limited, UK (Now Hewlett Packard, UK) and Cap Gemini UK. As EDS and Cap Gemini Consultant, he played a pivotal role in helping to deliver some of the biggest IT change projects in the UK. One example related to the transformation of the UK Inland Revenue regarded as one of the biggest UK public sector change projects in which he played important Consultancy roles. From Sept 2006 – August 2009, he was freelance Consultant for a number of organizations across Europe in a number of Industry sectors including IT Consultancy, Banking and Energy. Some of the organizations included Atos Origin Belgium, Monster Technologies UK, United Bank of Switzerland (UBS), Western Union International Bank – Austria and Carillion Energy Services – UK. In September 2009, he returned to Nigeria and became the Chief Executive of Damafek Nigeria Limited (Sept 2009 – September 2011). In November 2011, he was appointed as Consultant at the European Commission, Luxembourg – a position in which he was tasked with helping to enhance some of the processes through which member nations performed some of their missions. He voluntarily relinquished his role at the EC in July 2012 following intense pressure to run for the position of Ondo State Governor at the October 2012 Election. He was subsequently nominated as the Candidate of the Defunct Congress for Progressive Change (One of the parties that fused into the APC) in the said election. Following the Election in October 2012, he went back to his position as Chief executive at Damafek Nigeria Limited (November 2012 to August 2014). In August 2014, he was employed as Freelance Solutions Consultant for the UK Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) – (Aug 2014 – Feb 2015) to enable the department’s process change initiatives. In May 2015, he was engaged as Data Architect in a transformation programme at Whitbread Plc – the UK’s largest hospitality Company with global outlets. He has also worked since February 2016 as a consultant with the UK Valuation office Agency and later in 2017 with Clarion Events as Data Migration Specialist as well as with Barclaycard as a Data Consultant. Until very recently, he has been Data lead/Business Analyst at Tesco PLC – the UK’s foremost Retail Company – a position he held for over two and half years.He is currently a freelance senior consultant with Sky Television- a global Television station with its headquarters in the United Kingdom

Other interests

Soji Ehinlanwo has a few publications to his credit. His first publication in 2002 was titled – Information and Communications technology as a strategic tool for competitive advantage. Following his deep interest in public sector change, he published in 2007 at the University of Wolverhampton, UK Research conference a paper titled “Re-engineering UK Local Authorities – A Review of E-government drivers”. He has also published several other newspaper articles mainly around information technology growth, Digitization and Politics

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