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Open Letter to Gov Akeredolu, Your Excellency, ATTN: MINISTRY OF EDUCATION, PUBLISHERS AND SCHOOL OWNERS are milking us dry in Ondo State.

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Open Letter to Gov Akeredolu,

Your Excellency,

Your Excellency, let me formally use this medium to welcome you once again to the new year as I wish you and members of your family well always.

Sir, it become imperative to bring to your notice urgently through this means the unwholesome practice of School owners and publishers under the supervision of Ministry of Education headed by my brother, Pastor Femi Agagu.

Your Excellency, you will recall with nostalgia when people of your generation and mine are growing up during our primary and secondary school days, the Ministry of Education will always set curriculum for the Primary and Post Primary Schools regulating their activities vis a vis the teaching mode, and most especially BOOKS to be bought by parents for the pupils/ Students.

In our days Your Excellency, if you will recall, once a parent bought a Text book for their children, those Children coming behind the previous ones will also have the opportunity to make use of the same Textbook thereby reducing the burden on parents buying different Text books every term or session as the case may be but its very unfortunate that reverse is the case now sir.

The practice now is so arbitrary, bad and placed unnecessary financial burdens on the parents, a situation where a child cannot inherit Text books from his elder brother and use when he get to the class where the elderly brother just got promoted to other senior class is not only unacceptable to parents but satanic in practice.

If I may ask your Commissioner of Education through your exalted office sir, what happen to the previous practice where curriculum are constant and gives room for younger ones to make use of the Textbooks earlier used by the elderly ones?.

What is the interest of the Proprietors of Schools and the Ministry of Education,the supervisory body?

Why are they changing curriculum each passing session to the extent that those very good old practice that reduces burden on parents have been discarded?

Your Excellency, the good people of Ondo State need answer to these questions sir.

We want you to call the Ministry of Education, Schools and publishers to order, the idea of changing curriculum, changing Textbooks every session/ term is not acceptable.

Our prayers is that let the curriculum be constant, lets deliberately reduce the stress and financial burden on parents, let’s go back to the old practice where younger child can make use of the books used by the elder brother when he gets to the particular class or level.

Your Excellency, as a good citizen of this state, we have the right to cry out to you for assistance when unnecessary burden are placed on us due to sharp practices, insensitivity to the plights of parents by Proprietors and supervisory Ministry just because of RETURNS they get from the Publishers after milking the innocent Parents dry.

Let’s go back to the old practice your Excellency, we plead with you to use your good offices to cause an Educational summit to take place in the State and I can assure you, the pulse of the parents/ Guardian will be felt.

This appeal is important, its a cry from the over burdened parents by the trio of Ondo State Ministry of Education, Schools Proprietors/ Headteacher’s and Principal in collaboration with the Publishers who are smiling to the banks everyday at the expense of the parents in the State.

Your Excellency, I thank you for your time,your being proactive on the issue of Insecurity in the state is well acknowledge, rise to this occasion too with all the seriousness it deserves, the parents who are your citizens in Ondo state are not comfortable with this sharp practices, let the Children of the same parents have opportunity to inherit Text books from their elderly ones and use, it is possible if the curriculum is being maintain and the trio mentioned above are called to order.

Once again, I thank you your Excellency, may our State continue to witness uncommon transformation under your watch sir.

Thanks and God bless.

Sincerely yours.

From Lijofi quarters, Igbotako
Okitipupa LGA
Ondo State

On behalf of concerned parents.

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