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Omoba Jimi Odimayo’s Easter Message

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Omoba Jimi Odimayo’s Easter Message

I felicitate with all our people especially Christian brothers and sisters in Ondo State on the occasion of this year’s Easter celebration.

As recorded in the bible and it is common knowledge that Easter is the foundation upon which the Christian faith is built. This season reminds us of the uncommon love depicted by the death of Jesus Christ, He gave his life for all to live.

As we celebrate this Easter, let us all remember the plight of our brothers and sisters in the various IDPs camps, also the vulnerable groups in the society by giving something to make life better and bearable for them-be it show of love, kindness, money, skills, relief materials etc. Just give something.

We should not allow the frightening reports from other parts of the world on the pandemic to discourage us or weaken our hope. Rather, such reports should remind us of the Divine mercy under which we live in this clime, and strengthen our determination to rout this virus and others.

I salute the resilience of Nigerians and urge us all to continue to cooperate with the Government as it leads us in the fight against Coronavirus and its deleterious effects on the economy and life in general.

By ameliorating their sufferings, we are reminded of our duties as Christians, we are to bear each other’s burdens.

Happy Easter to everyone and God bless you all.

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