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Dr Jimoh Ibrahim: An Exemplar of a patriotic Nigerian

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Dr Jimoh Ibrahim: An Exemplar of a patriotic Nigerian

“Those impassioned can only show compassion and sow the seed of passion in others.”

~ Adelokiki Orimisan

In his ‘class’, other successful men both in the public and private sectors have been seen celebrating their children graduating from foreign universities.

However, the billionaire business mogul, Jimoh Ibrahim, a few days ago was seen celebrating with his two children after being called to Bar in Nigeria despite the insecurity issues in the country. He could have deferred the Law school programme for his kids but decided to go ahead because of his undying love for Nigeria.

Here is a man who has been around the world in the last four decades acquiring more knowledge in his academic endeavours just because he believes knowledge and its application are the pragmatic ways to solve the problems and challenges confronting humanity.

No wonder, today, Jimoh Ibrahim CFR, is a PhD holder in Business from one of the best and old universities in the world.

As a way of giving back to society, he has been investing massively into building a world-class university where future leaders will be seeing their future with a brighter lens of hope.

Combining both his academic careers with his business background, one will but not continue to wonder why the
then President Goodluck Jonathan conferred on him the Highest National Honour CFR for someone not holding an elective position.

I will encourage President Muhammadu Buhari to look into the achievements of Jimoh Ibrahim PhD who just recently made history at Cambridge University to bag a Doctor of Business as the first human to get that feat in the history of the university and saddle him with a national assignment in the areas of education to ensure Nigeria’s educational system attains a world-class status.

Also, Nigeria needs Jimoh Ibrahim in the area of industrialization to help the country to resolve the economic crisis and return Nigeria to its status.

The Nigerian economy is not In good shape. I call on the President to urgently look into bringing the best brains into his cabinet who will help renegotiate the huge debt of the country and fix the current pernicious economic hardship facing Nigerians. The next administration can continue from where the team to be constituted would have stopped.

For my People in Ondo south, voting for Dr Jimoh Ibrahim CFR to represent us at the Red chamber in 2023 will be the only reward we can offer our people to encourage him to mobilize his peers to come and develop Ondo south for sustainable prosperity that will be beneficial to all and sundry.

Let’s vote massively for effective representation. It’s Jimoh Ibrahim for Senate 2023

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