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2018 Ikale Oluomo Award Call for Nominations

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No other time is the issue Community Development and youth Empowerment  more apt than the present time where the youths are faced with many challenges.  Youth accounted for about 75% population of any given society.
Unfortunately, not up to half of these youths are fully employed.  The number keeps increasing annually, thus, bearing the brunt of unemployment which has been affecting Community development negatively.  If urgent steps are not taken to tackle these challenges in an integrated and coherent manner, it would become a ticking time-bomb.

The best way out of this problem is for the youth to acquired entrepreneurial skills and be self empowered.  Globally today, the paradigm shift is towards facilitating the kind of education and information which enables the youth to be job creators rather than being job seekers.  This indeed, requires a synergy of government efforts and initiatives from other well meaning stakeholders.
The Ikale  Youth Empowerment and Community Development roundtable is our modest contribution in this direction.  The programme is pursuit of the organization initiative: Empowering Nigeria which seeks to engender sustainable development by means of an enlightened campaign that is geared towards giving the Nigerian youth a new orientation for self empowerment and community development.
To empower thousands of unemployed young people and undergraduates across Ikale communities  with the skills and the direction to create jobs for themselves and be self-reliant.To expose the youth to a wide range of information which will help to reposition them to take their rightful place in the comity of the nations?  Such information will geared toward:Creating the awareness that the future belongs to them and that it must not be destroyed by them.

Sensitizing them to the fact that the future and its nature depend on the decisions and choices they make;

Creating a sense of history, especially of the noble and heroic contributions of the youth in the past to the Community development in comparison with the ignoble role of many youth today;

Enabling the youth to learn, using entrepreneurship case studies, about modern African trailblazers, their self empowerment and development strategies thereby giving the youth a set of inspiration role models to follow;

Sensitizing them to seek greater self-empowerment and creative educational opportunities as a means of redirecting their energy and ideas from anti-social activities to creative endeavours.

Empowerment is not about shifting responsibilities of other stakeholders, such as the local Council,   State, unto young people’s shoulders.  This is because the government  has a primary responsibility to provide for the welfare of the people.  Accordingly, government at different levels are expected to be delivering on their mandate of creating the enabling environment and opportunities that tare conducive for the aspirations of the people and Community development.
Unfortunately, the general assumption continues to gain ground, that most elected Nigerian leaders are irresponsible and self-serving opportunist.  Interestingly however, there are few leaders who have distinguished themselves as exemplary statesmen.  These few crops of visionary rare breeds remain totally selfless and passionately committed to the welfare of the people they are elected to serve.
Such outstanding leaders deserve recognition and encouragement.  This gesture awakens others in positions of trust and responsibilities to the fact that the society is watching, thereby keeping them on their toes.
Thus, the programme shall be rounded off by honouring the Our Oluomos in Youth Empowerment and community Development from different fields of human endeavour. THEREFORE,  we ask for nominations from reputable Ikale son’s and daughters that are doing us proud in their chosen profession.
This programme is being conceptualized and organized by Ikale consultative  forum for Good Governance in conjunction with the HERO VENTURES INTL LTD, Publisher of The HERO Magazine Int’l.(organizer of Ondo state man of the year award) and Founder of Hero foundation for Widows.
Considering the enormity and importance of this project, the organizers had constituted a selection Board comprises of men of integrity and headed by Dr Amos Akingba , Frm  Chairman , Governing Council,  OSUSTECH ,and  Dr. Adekunle Olatumile, associate Professor, Adekunle Ajasin University Akungba Akoko.  It is generally agreed that the criteria for selection should be based on the antecedents, predispositions and work history of prospective honourees such that it promotes the values and ideals of incorruptibility, uprightness and integrity.
The criteria should include:
Inspiring private and public way of life.
Must be a man/woman of unquestionable character and free of corrupt charges.
Contributions toward alleviating the suffering of the masses.
Contributions towards Community growth and development.
Youth empowerment.
Nomination from individuals and groups across the LG  (Monday 5th June – Friday 23rd July,  2018.
Announcement of nominees (Monday 2ND August ,  2018).
Activation of the online GSM short message service (sms) voting for the selection of the Award winner (Monday 16th August  – Friday 24th August  2018).
The sitting of the selection Board to appraise the winners using the result of the online voting alongside the profile and score cards of the nominees (Wednesday 5th September  2018).
Further Communications to the Award winners and preparation for the Award (Thursday 26th September  2018).
Proposed date for the programme (Sunday 19th  November , 2018).


The programme is designed to feature the following among others.  Youth Empowerment and Community Development Roundtable – The roundtable is specifically and strategically designed to garnish the investiture ceremony with an intellectual spice geared towards fostering the cross – pollination of ideas and advancing the frontiers of conceptual solution to youth empowerment and Community development.  Papers will be presented by scholars.

Presentation of special edition of THE HERO MAGAZINE  IN’L packaged to chronicle the life and imprints of the prospective awardees for history and prosperity.
Official conferment of honour on the awardees.
Grand celebration of our rich culture.
IKALE CONSULTATIVE FORUM  FOR GOOD GOVERNANCE:-  This is an assemblage of emerging leaders in the firmament of Ikale land  brought together by the desire to promote good governance and Community development in Ikale land.
The non-partisan and non-governmental organization is peopled by young and upward mobile men and women who are doing well in their respective discipline and professional calling.  Our mission is to provide bench mark for good governance and promote the spirit of youth empowerment and Community development in our dear Ikale land .
Among our track records is the popular “IKALE DEBATE FOR POLITICAL LEADERS ” programme organized quarterly to gauge the preparedness  of intending political office holders and assess the performance of our elected representatives and officials.THE HERO VENTURES INTL. LTD. [RC;250,255] ; PUBLISHER OF THE HERO MAGAZINE  INT’L
The Company parades some of the best minds and talents in the world of today’s publishing, Event Management, Management Consultancy and Public Relations Services in the Country. The publication is designed primarily to chronicle achievements of outstanding Nigerians , organizations and Agency for history and posterity.
We are committed to management excellence and values relentlessly devoted to the Nigerian dreams and aspirations with an all round skills, systems and processes development for the attainment of those dreams.With all rounds skills , management, systems and processes development for the attainment of those dreams. Among our track records are, publication of the HERO INTL. MAGAZINE that features eminent personalities such as coronation Anniversaries and birthday ceremony of Fist class OBAS ,  YEARLY ONDO STATE OUTSTANDING LEADERSGIP AWARDS,  STATES MAN OF THE YEAR AWARDS, YEARLY FEMALE ROLE MODEL AWARDS, Yearly Ikale Oluomo Award.
Organization of the annual Nigerian Outstanding Chairmanship Awards [NOCA], FROM 2017 TILL DATE, and Nigerian Outstanding Governorship Award [NOGA], Organising of seminars and lectures.

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